Prof. Brian H Roberts

Professor Brian Roberts has worked as a professional planner, project manager, academic andadviser for 40 years, on a wide range of urban and regional planning, urban management,institutional capacity building, land management and administration and economic development projects in 30 countries. He has held senior positions with the United Nations Centre for HumanSettlements, Queensland state government (Australia), two academic institutions, and the privateconsulting industry. These positions have involved managing large and complex multi-discipline projects, overseeing national and regional institutional reform programs, developing nationalurban management policy, higher-level education and training, and the briefing heads of State andministers in several countries. He has been a speaker, presenter, moderator and panelist at manynational and international forums, conferences and seminar events, a peer reviewer and authors of many international journals, books, and publications. He has been an assessor for the AustralianResearch Council, and several international development agency research and development grants.During his professional career, he has been involved in teaching & research, authoring and co-authoring 120 conference papers, journal articles, book chapters and books, including a textbook on regional economic development. He has supervised and examined masters and PhDtheses.