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    Professor. Zabihollah Rezaee

    Chair Person | ASGWCC2024

    Thompson-Hill Chair of Excellence

    University of Memphis


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    Prof. Salman Asma

    Vice president of Research

    American University in the Emirates

    United Arab Emirates

    About Conference

    Welcome to the Asian summit on global warming and climate change (ASGWCC2024) in the beautiful and vibrant city of Dubai, UAE.
    Business sustainability has advanced in the past decades from branding and green washing to strategic imperative with its integration into corporate culture, business models, corporate governance, and managerial decisions. Business sustainability focuses on financial activities that generate long-term economic sustainability performance (ESP) to create shareholder value as well as non-financial activities that result in the achievement of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) sustainability performance to protect interests of all stakeholders. Many companies worldwide are now reporting on some dimensions of their sustainability performance by disclosing both financial ESP and non-financial ESG sustainability performance information and particularly on the environmental consequences resulting from global warming and climate change.

    It is with great pleasure to welcome you to the ASGWCC2024 by extending my warmest greetings to you. As we gather here today, we are united by a common purpose of leaving a better environment for future generations by addressing one of the most pressing challenges of our time, which is global warming and climate change.

    The academic and practitioner presentations as well as discussions and collaborations that will take place over the coming days hold immense significance as we stand at a pivotal moment in history, where the decisions we make and the actions we take will shape the well-being of next generations, our planet and all its inhabitants. Together, we represent a diverse array of knowledge, perspectives, expertise, and experiences that will fuel our collective efforts and drive innovative solutions to combat climate change and global warming. As we embark on this journey, let us approach our presentations, discussions and deliberations with open minds, empathy, and a shared commitment to action in addressing global warming and climate change. Let us harness the power of collaboration to present our shared value, generate ideas, forge partnerships, and inspire meaningful and impactful change that will leave a better environment for future generations.

    I encourage you to seize this opportunity to have meaningful and impactful participation, engage deeply, challenge assumptions, and amplify voices that are often marginalized in these discussions of global climate change. Let us not only envision a sustainable future but also chart a course of concrete actions and steps to bring that vision to fruition. Considering the complexity of global warming and climate change challenges, let us find unity and the strength to rise to the occasion.

    Once again, welcome to the Asian summit on global warming and climate change (ASGWCC2024). Together, let us work tirelessly towards a world where our actions today safeguard the well-being of generations to come.

    Best regards,
    Zabihollah (Zabi) Rezaee
    Conference Chair of ASGWCC2024

    Agricultural Sustainability and Climate Change

    Air Pollution & Atmospheric Sciences

    Biodiversity and biological conservation

    Bio-Fuels & Carbon Cycle

    Climate change law and Energy Policy

    Climate Change Adaptation

    Climate Change and Climatology

    Climate Hazards & Climate Technology

    Deforestation & Co2 Emissions

    Disaster Management

    Earth Sciences & Ecology and Ecosystems

    Eco hydrology & Effective Adaptation

    Emissions and Control

    Environmental Geotechnics and Climate Change

    Geothermal Power & Heat

    Global Climate Strategies and Policies

    Global Warming Modelling/Simulation

    Hydroelectricity & Low-Carbon Energy

    Natural Hazards and Disaster Management

    Ozone Depletion & Polar Ice Cap Melting

    Pollution and Climate Change

    Recycling and Waste Management

    Renewable & Non-Renewable Resources

    Renewable Energy and Climate Change

    Sustainability and Climate Change

    Temperature Extremes & Weather Sciences

    Climate change is an international environmental issue that has increasingly attracted business attention in the past decade, because of its actual or potential strategic impact on many companies. Climate change poses strategic dilemmas for companies across a range of industries, affecting those that produce fossil fuels (e.g. oil, utilities), depend on these fuels directly (e.g. chemicals, airlines) or indirectly (automobile and aircraft manufacturers), and those that want to develop new market opportunities arising from risk coverage or emerging emission trading systems (e.g. banks, insurance). While public and policy interest started already in the late 1980s, leading to a first international agreement at the Rio-conference in 1992, the main driver for corporate strategic change was the adoption of the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 (Grubb, Vrolijk and Brack, 1999).

    This event spurred the development of regulation, and increased the pressure from non-governmental organisations (NGOs) on governments to ensure ratification of the Protocol, and on companies, which were urged to take appropriate steps to address global warming. In the period leading to the Kyoto meeting, a considerable number of large multinational companies in particular had started to spend much time and effort in trying to influence, both individually and through a range of business associations, their government’s stance on an international climate treaty and emission reduction policies (Ikwue and Skea, 1994; Kolk, 2000; Levy, 1997; Newell and Paterson, 1998). With only some exceptions, companies initially opposed the adoption of such measures and regulation. Uncertainties about the economic, technological and strategic impact of an international climate policy led many of them to stress the threats to their business and the negative consequences for the economy as a whole. Especially in the US, the unresolved scientific nature of the global warming debate was often used as further argument.

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    September 25, 2024

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    April 20, 2024

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    June 25, 2024

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    November 11, 2024

    Scientific Committee

    Volen Atim

    Prof. Prakash Kumar Jha

    Mississippi State University
    Volen Atim

    Dr. Dale S. Rothman

    George Mason University
    Volen Atim

    Dr. Yi-Ming Wei

    Beijing Institute of Technology
    Volen Atim

    Dr. Jakub Kostecki

    University of Zielona Góra

    Plenary Speakers

    Prof. Dr. Shankar Lal Garg

    World Researchers Associations

    Prof. Brian H Roberts

    University of Canberra

    Dr. Maria Gabriela Meirelles

    University of the Azores

    Prof. Ibrahim Shaaban

    Head-Civil Engineering, School of Computing and Engineering University of West London

    Dr. Sergei Petrovskii

    University of Leicester

    Keynote Speakers

    Prof. Salman Asma

    American University in the Emirates
    United Arab Emirates

    Dr. Saeid Homayoun

    University of Gävle

    Dr. Michael Kraten

    University of Houston
    United states

    Assoc Prof. Mohammad Reza Najafi

    University of Western Ontario

    Prof. Liu Kai

    Beijing Normal University

    Invited Speakers

    Dr. Ash Ahmed

    Leeds Beckett University
    United Kingdom

    Dr. Mehdi Pasha Karami

    Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute

    Dr. Momtaj Bintay Khalil

    University of Technology Sydney

    Msc. Arch. Malgorzata Kozak

    Lublin University of Technology

    Prof. Rohitha Weerasinghe

    University of Bedfordshire
    United Kingdom

    Prof. Zhongsheng Guo

    Northwest A&F University

    Prof. Tarek Ahmed Temraz

    Suez Canal University

    Dr. Sanjib Kumar Panda

    National University of Singapore

    Faegheh Amani Fard

    Aalto University

    Dr. Elvis D Achuo

    University of Dschang

    Dr. Justas Kazys

    Vilnius University

    Dr. Mohammad Arif Kamal

    Aligarh Muslim University

    Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abuhashim

    Zagazig University

    Featured Speakers

    Dr. Xinrong Li

    Chinese Academy of Sciences

    Dr. Jingyao Sun

    Chinese Academy of Sciences

    Dr. Rong Hui

    Chinese Academy of Sciences

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